Monday, November 16, 2009

New blog Contest

The sketch for this contest is 8½x11, but you are welcome to convert it to 12x12. Create a layout based on this sketch -- any size, any orientation, any way you want to interpret it (using any products you would like). The theme is wide open. This contest starts today and ends at midnight (MST) Sunday, December 6, 2009.
I am excited to try this one though disappointed that a multi photo sketch was not chosen. You can only do so many 1 photo sketches.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another month, another loss....

Well, another month and I was not the winner. Oh well. I really thought the winner of the sketch was very cute as always. See above pics. Trying again of course. Check out blog to get your page map ON!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

My scrapping companion....

So, ladies--meet Joe Dirt. Joe is my sweet, ever present, MOMMY snuggling Chinese Crested. He has sat up a many night with me while I read a novel, scrapped, watched TV, done HW, etc. He is so loyal and loving, just a regular cuddler. And tonight, as I survey my mess of art called scrapping, I realized what a little blessing he is to me. My sweet Joey will be 12 yrs old next summer. We have had him since he was 3yrs old. He came from Minnesota on a plane from a breeder who no longer wanted him to stud and so she got him fixed and crated him off to Virginia. He has been the most expensive pet I have ever owned from his purchase cost, plane flight, and the clothing he requires because he is pretty much hairless. He has boots, a rain coat, several sweaters, some lightweight t's, and several heavy coats. He is my little man and I am so grateful for him every day.


Pic of My Beautiful Sis kissing her 5mo old son, Jaxson. So adorable.

A little bit about why I scrap. Truly love how artistic I can be and how expressive the art is to others as I make memories with my family and friends.

Truly, a dear friend, Aashima- who is one of the kindest women I have ever met.

So I really, really loved the blog sketch for November. I had so many individual photos that I wanted to somehow highlight and in just the right way. Once I turned the sketch on it's side, Wala! I fell 'n love with it. I created these 3 layouts in under 1 hour after hubby went to bed tonight. I killed 2 birds with 1 stone on 1 LO, entering it both in the scrapbooks etc challenge and the blog contest. I will have to say that using these sketches and the CTMH pattern books have really inspired me to creative new levels! Can not wait to see the next month's contest.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

These are all pictures of layouts completed for a gift. Given to J. Rowley at her baby shower to celebrate her new son's pending arrival.

This title page was hard to create and custom made but worth the effort.

Carol's Entry to November Blog Contest

My entry to the contest was a hard one. I love this year's fall school picture of Dani but the colors were so hard to match. I did find these great papers at the scrapdoodles store in Fredericksburg. It turned out very cute and I was pleased with the end results.

Christie's Entry to the blog (November)

Christie came about her idea while sleeping. She remembered the snake her hubby found in the back yard and how her oldest son, Nicolas, was not afraid at all. When they had lived in FL, one of their neighbors routinely caught snakes for analysis or research (something like that). They had taught Nicolas how to safely pick up a snake. Wow, my nephew sure is brave. This is the cutest page. She distressed with stamp ink, added details like the rhinestone eyes, scales and glitter tongue. It turned out well. This is her submission for the November blog contest.