Sunday, September 20, 2009

Newest sketch contest at

Check out the newest contest on on their blogsite. This cool layout can be interpreted any way, theme and orientation and the prize is shown below. It ends 10.11.09 at midnight so I will be trying twice for this one. I was thinking about the recent pics I took of all of the kids together. I did a really wonderful 2 page layout for myself but I wanted to do one for my mom's album and this gives me the perfect layout. I can not wait. And for the 2nd attempt, not sure but I will figure out something. With my 2nd fall class coming online the week of 9.28 I need to enjoy what little scrapbooking time I have left. Taking 2nd level accounting is killing me as it is. LOL
Have a wonderful week and make sure you take time to scrapbook at least once a month my friends. :-)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The winner was....not me...

But that is okay. I have to admit, the winning LO is awesome and oh so cute.
Check out the next challenge and credits for the winner at Looking fwd to the next one. This whole sketch contest thing has me trying new stuff and really getting out there with my scrapping. Loving it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Page Maps Content for September....

Here it is. My completed LO for the sketch challenge for September. I had held onto this pic of my sister, Christie, for the longest time. I never really visualized it in a LO until I saw the challenge for September. My sister means the world to me and having her back home in VA after being in FLA for 4 yrs while her hubby went to college was so hard. Much changed in those 4 yrs. What did not change was our love for one another or our love for scrapbooking. This LO was completed as part of a 2 day scrap marathan we went on. We scrapped until 4:30am on a Monday (Labor Day). It was awesome and so much fun. My sister is my friend. I loved this sticker and wanted to choose out there colors and embelishments to showcase her individuality. I think I succeeded with the handcut elements, stamping, beautiful light floral background and just the right mix of color and fun. Looking fwd to the next contest. Keep them coming!

LOs Galore.....

Dani's 1st salon haircut.

Meeting neice Leah for 1st time.

My brother and his family.

Laser tag with sis and her family.

Remember the cute milestones lo I had for a scraplift....see one of my 1st posts. I still need to create the leaves but this will be 1st 10 yr milestones.

Cousins page. Cute because the bottom 8 photos show all the funny, imperfect photos.

Why I love my nephews pages, I typed things I adore about each of them and adhered to bottom. Will add blue ribbon (ran out of tacky tape).

DC fun with the kids.

Snow day and snowman in VA.

Halloween party 2008.

Dani's performance for Black History Month 2009.

Package fun, pics of Dani and her packages from FLA.

Dani- Easter 2007. Christie had this pre-made stamped paper that worked perfect.

Leah's 1st Bday. Shame I was so behind I was scrapping her birth in the same mo.

Blue Angels and NAX air show 2009.

Dani and shots of Blue Angels.

Report Card Tradition---Honor roll and she gets to pick her dinner of choice. We started this in 3rd grade and she has made HR ever since.

Boys and their toys nephews in the rain playing with space alien robots.

Pre-Made page I had from C1 scrapbook club days. Repurposed from May flowers pages to pregnancy blooming.

Winter Wonderland, pre-made pages Christie gave me.

Leah's 1st time in the pool.

Random pic of Dani I took with her new glasses and her braces at the time.

Earth Day Fun with Jordan.

Redo of Dani's room with new Full size bed, new covers and new curtains.

My sister's hubby's graduation.

Dani's 10th bday party at Paint N Play.

Dani's final phase 1 of Braces---They came off.

Brunch at the Jefferson to celebrate with Mother in law and step-father in law.

Claudia's baby shower. I love this LO. Have used several times for baby showers.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Page Maps Blog Sketch Contests Ends 9/13 and more.....

Here is the pic of the sketch for the contest this month, due 9/13. I completed the most beautiful lo of my sister. The prize is shown below. I think I might actually have a chance to win this one. I did some embelishments I would normally never take the time to do, added stamping, added handdrawn details. It is so lovely. Will post pics soon. Also, I really loved the sketch so much that I plan to create a page of my friend Aashima. She just got from India and she had the most intricate Henna tattoos on her hands and my friend, Debbie Silbert from RIC, VA (a professional photographer) took the most gorgeous pics of Aashima. Posted here. What do you think? Which photo would you use?

So much to time.

Just wanted to put a note here for those following my blog. I owe you pics, I owe you my cool links. More coming soon--I promise. Just need time to stop in order to do it. And I got a new camera...trying to figure it out is promising to be like a comic strip of the PLUGGERS. LOL